The Unisons were founded in 2008 by Aaron Templar Smith, after he realized the high and unfulfilled demand for an all-male a cappella group at Northeastern. The original eight singers had a combined vision to produce an a cappella experience that anybody could enjoy, while also promoting the arts at Northeastern and in Boston through extensive collaboration. The Unisons finally achieved University-recognized group status on February 22nd, 2009, and they made their explosive debut on campus with a spectacular performance on March 20th, 2009. 

By 2011, The Unisons made their competitive debut after qualifying for an ICCA Northeast Quarterfinal. A year later, they released their first album: Off the Cabeza.

In recent years, the group has advanced to the ICCA Northeast Semifinals twice. In 2016, a snippet of their semifinal performance was featured on the reality TV show Sing it On! They have also followed up their debut album release with their sophomore effort: None the Wiser. The Unisons continue to perform at events around Boston and across the Northeast.


"And out of the ashes, a group of fine young men arose; all able to somehow sing in perfect harmony. And thus, the Unisons were born"